Black and white Room : a cozy accommodation in Bangkok

Directly out from a Tarantino movie, if you are into modern decoration, this accommodation is for you. It will be perfect for your holiday villa in Bangkok.

A cozy room for your holidays in a private villa

Equipped with the standard fridge, microwave, coffee machine, flat screen TV with internet and cable channels, and a little living room within the bedroom, all comes in black & white ! This accommodation is very large and there is also a sofa bed already set up in the bedroom for extra guests. You can also savor your meals on the large private balcony. You will enjoy your stay in this comfortable private villa with all what you need for your holidays in Bangkok.

Moreover, the private villa is located in Sukhumvit Soi 33, one of the major street in the middle of Bangkok but it is far enough from the traffic and crowd in a side street, in order to offer you the most privacy and intimate time in family or among friends without the noise pollution. Furthermore our cozy private villa offer many other facilites you can discover by visiting our website. Therefore you can enjoy your time here in total privacy. This is the perfect accommodation for your holidays in Bangkok.

Our office is located in the private villa, on the ground floor. It is open from Monday to Friday (10:00 am to 6:00 pm). Don’t hesitate to knock the door : our young and friendly little team will help you if you have any problem or if you need something. The comfort of our customer is our main concern so we made all what we can in order to satisfy your expectations.

You won’t be disappointed by staying in this room for your holidays. You can also look at the pictures below to see the accommodation or contact us here if you want more informations.

Book in the accommodation for your holidays in our private villa in Bangkok now !