A cozy garden within the villa in the heart of Bangkok

Waiting for your family and friends to get ready before leaving your private villa? Our cozy garden is decorated with tropical plants and palm trees to make you enjoy your last moment of nature before heading to your favorite activities or going out. The garden is a peaceful place in the middle of the Bangkok jungle, the perfect place to enjoy your holidays.

Enjoy the serenity of your private villa in the garden during your holidays !

Our garden is set with large fan, beautiful lights and homely garden table which give a cozy nature space in the center of Bangkok. That is the reason why it is also an amazing part of our villa. It brings to our villa a lovely aspect and it is not just a simple hotel but a charming space and by far, the best one for your stay in the capital city of Thailand. It is a very nice part of the villa you will definitely enjoy during your holidays in Bangkok. You can either relax, chill and enjoy your holidays time or waiting for others members of your group before going out of the hotel. It is also a place where you can enjoy being outside, far enough from the traffic, crowd and noise pollution while relaxing yourself and enjoying the day you just have in the amazing Bangkok.

The garden is also a beautiful part of the villa you will appreciate during your holidays in Bangkok.

In this villa you will find all what you need during your holidays in Bangkok, this is the perfect place to chill and relax but also if you want to be immerse in the heart of the Thai life and discover Bangkok and its surroundings.

You will enjoy spending time in this cozy garden. This is the perfect place to relax outdoor… Until you discover our amazing private rooftop on the top floor : an other unique place in the heart of Bangkok !

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