The game room : a room designed for entertainment in the villa Bangkok Nest

At Bangkok nest we got it all. As we think that great spacious bedrooms with balconies, a nice garden and a modern living room are not enough to make you feel at home and enjoy your stay to the fullest, we created a room specially designed for your pure entertainment. With its super hero decoration, large cozy bean bags and sofa bed (for extra guests if needed), this is the place to spend your evening or leave the kids and teens enjoy while you are relaxing in your comfortable bedrooms.

The perfect place to enjoy your vacation in Thailand

Equipped with brand new projector for your family cinema sessions, game console, Karaoke, fine board games selection and smoking friendly balcony, this room is ideal to finish the night while enjoying intimate fun moments with your family and friends! This room is fully equipped and it is a place where you can do many things while being in the holiday villa. This is an amazing part of the villa, you will certainly appreciate during your vacation in Thailand and particularly in Bangkok.

You and your group will appreciate this place after a long day spending to visit Thailand. This is a space where you can relax and enjoy your time with your friends and your family. You can share funny and friendly moments all together before going to bed or just enjoy a good film after a day full of discovering and change of scene in the amazing city of Bangkok. You will definitely love this place during your vacation in the capital city of Thailand.

Here you can see some pictures of our modern game room. You and even your kids and teens will love this place. This is also a part of the villa made for you, in order to feel at home during your vacation in the amazing city of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

By staying with us in our villa, you won’t be disappointed. Your vacation in Thailand will be unusual and unforgettable !

The game room is one of the main reasons you should book in your vacation in Bangkok Nest, our holiday villa, now !